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Creative Ways to Elevate Gifts Using Your Logo

Many of our corporate clients come to us with the goal to give their guests a beautiful gift that will have a lasting impact, and represent their company, program or project with logo branding. It can be tricky to find the right balance so that the gift is seen as elegant, enduring and useful. Our worst nightmare would be to have an item tossed away due to over-branding!

Following are some of our favorite ways to infuse a company’s visual message into generous gifts for corporate clients and business partners.

Impactful Presentation:

We’ll often create a gift where the core contents can’t be branded, based on the packaging or local flair or aesthetics of the gifts. In that case, we love to create beautiful and memorable gift packaging featuring the logo or message. That lets us share the message in a creative way, and the recipient has the choice to keep the packaging or just enjoy the gifts inside. We find that the most beautiful containers are often repurposed, kept and remembered long after the event! Some of our favorite recent examples are from a Hyatt San Francisco “Ferry Building Box” and this Veteran’s United Home Loans rustic reusable tote bag.

Subtle Branding: 

Done right, logo and branding inclusion can elevate the most beautiful gifts in a subtle way. The gift may not *scream* the logo, but the most discerning clients will appreciate that, and use items long after the gift-giving, since the logo is so tastefully done. Our 100% cashmere blankets had the Accel logo hand-embroidered in a corner, and partners used them throughout their San Francisco summit meeting and also back home for years to come.


When a gift is essentially tied to a location, the branding can be even more effective! In Wine Country we love to etch and engrave meaningful wine bottles, and clients will savor and enjoy the bottle and the wine. We have a number of partner companies we collaborate with on custom wine bottle work, custom corks, and wine-related gifts like wine glasses and openers. This project for a convention hosted in Napa Valley featured local wines etched with the conference logo set inside a distinguished cherry wood gift box.

Contact us for a consultation about your special gifts; we look forward to assisting you!

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